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Small Mural Mentor Program will celebrate local artists


At Palmdale Playhouse, Legacy Commons

The City of Palmdale has launched the Small Mural Mentor Program. This initiative, a key recommendation from Palmdale’s Public Art Master Plan, aims to cultivate and retain local artistic talent by supporting emerging, mid-career and established artists in the community.

The Small Mural Mentor Program pairs seasoned muralists with three aspiring artists to collaboratively design and install murals across Palmdale. These vibrant artworks will celebrate the natural beauty of our community, capturing elements such as mountains, sunsets, sunrises, stars, rolling foothills and expansive blue skies.

“The program offers residents the chance to contribute to enhancing Palmdale’s public spaces,” said Palmdale Mayor Austin Bishop. “I invite aspiring artists to take advantage of this mentorship opportunity by submitting work that embodies meaningful, authentic and culturally relevant themes for our community.”

All artists seeking mentorship are invited to submit their portfolios for consideration. The Public Art program manager will review applications, and an artist selection panel will make recommendations to the Public Art Commission for final approval. Program participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

•  Encouragement of creative engagement

•  Past quality efforts

•  Alignment with the Public Art Program’s 

   mission and City goals

•  Suitability for the project demands

•  Response to site and community 


•  Ability to collaborate effectively within the 

   project team

 During the initial phase, three murals will adorn the walls at the Palmdale Playhouse and Legacy Commons for Active Seniors on existing pump and generator enclosures along 10th St. East.

An all-inclusive budget of $3,000 has been allocated for each mural project. The mentee artists will receive a $450 stipend upon proposal acceptance, followed by $1,550 for planning, paint supplies and execution upon project completion. Each mentor artist, appointed by the city, will receive a stipend of $1,000 for their guidance.

For more information on how to apply and detailed guidelines, visit