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New ‘Safer Shopping’ initiative in Lancaster


Helping to curtail retail theft

The City of Lancaster has launched an initiative aimed at mitigating retail theft and improving the safety and experience of shoppers at Lancaster retail stores.

The “Safer Shopping Initiative,” in partnership with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, will increase police presence, enhance surveillance, and institute other changes to improve the overall shopping experience for the entire family.

“We heard you, and we are thrilled to be working closely with our community to create a better and safer Lancaster,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Our Safer Shopping Initiative has already yielded positive results with 16 arrests and one gun recovered during a recent joint operation between our Lancaster Police Department and the LASD. We are committed to continuing our efforts to enhance public safety and ensure a better future for our city.”

Several of the 16 arrests included felony crimes. The community has felt the sting of these thefts in the past years, and last week’s operation started with their feedback and tips. In conjunction with ongoing safer shopping operations by law enforcement, the city’s Police Department recently surveyed residents to gather insights from the community and their experiences. The feedback gathered from more than 150 respondents already and will continue to play a critical role in informing improvements tailored to Lancaster’s specific needs.

“This is what community-led policing is all about. By working together with residents and listening, we can create a safer, more welcoming environment for everyone who lives, works, and shops in our city,” said Lancaster Chief of Police Rodrick Armalin. “We are proud to support this initiative and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our community.”

Though the recent survey is now closed, the LPD still wants to hear from you. For more information or to share your feedback, contact the Lancaster Police Department at or visit