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New QB option for second overall


Was Jim Harbaugh right?

With his pro day in the books, it is assumed that No.1 overall pick Caleb Williams is pretty much done with the draft process, besides a few more meetings with the Chicago Bears to develop a personal relationship with the staff. But what happens with the No. 2 pick in control by the Washington Commanders, as they are also looking for a franchise QB?

Many experts assume that LSU QB Jayden Daniels will be the second QB and player to be selected, but there are now whispers that Michigan QB JJ McCarthy could be in play for the Commanders. McCarthy has been a polarizing figure since the draft season started because teams don't know what they're getting out of him. As a college QB, Michigan didn't ask much of McCarthy other than to be a game manager and let the rushing attack and defense carry them to victory. This game plan resulted in them being the 2024 College Football champions. But now experts are saying that the athletic ability and winning record( Only losing three games as a starter) are worth creating the conversation that there's more to McCarthy than meets the eye.

Former Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh stated that when the draft process begins, people will change their perspective on McCarthy as many billed him to be a day two pick, and with only a month away from the draft, Harbaugh seems like he was right.