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Lancaster begins ‘robust’ plan against illegal weed


In collaboration with county, state agencies

In an essential operation on March 14, the City of Lancaster, in close coordination with the California Department of Cannabis Control, California Tax and Fee Administration, and LA County Fire Health Hazardous Material Division, took decisive action against illegal cannabis grow houses within the communityThis operation is part of a series of ongoing efforts by the city to address and mitigate the hazards associated with unlawful cannabis cultivation. During the enforcement operation, two  illegal cultivation operations were served search warrants. Authorities stress that Illegal cannabis cultivation poses significant environmental and safety hazards, including an increased risk of fire and substantial energy consumption. Such operations, often linked to organized crime, not only endanger the physical safety of neighborhoods but also lead to severe health risks due to the use of dangerous pesticides and the potential contamination of properties with hazardous chemicals.

“Our commitment to the safety and well-being of Lancaster’s residents is unwavering,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “This operation is critical in our ongoing efforts to rid our community of these hazardous sites. We will continue to work diligently to ensure our city is safe for all families and individuals. This is not about the morality of cannabis consumption; it is about keeping families safe.”

Lancaster Chief of Police Rodrick Armalin added, “The Lancaster Police Department is dedicated to protecting our community from the dangers posed by illegal cannabis operations. Our collaborative efforts with state and local agencies demonstrate our resolve to combat these threats head-on.”

The operation underscores the City of Lancaster's proactive stance against the dangers of illicit cannabis cultivation.