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Antelopes on Parade Art Contest


A call for local artists

The City of Palmdale is calling on artists from the Antelope Valley to participate in an exciting project: Antelopes on Parade. This initiative celebrates the region’s cultural richness by inviting talented artists to transform fiberglass pronghorn antelope sculptures into stunning works of art.

“The Antelopes on Parade Project is an extraordinary opportunity for artists to leave a lasting mark on the vibrant cultural landscape of Palmdale,” said Palmdale Mayor Austin Bishop. “Whether inspired by the serene beauty of our desert landscapes with its Joshua trees, yuccas and poppies, or motivated by Palmdale’s rich diversity and friendly community spirit, we encourage artists to participate in this fun initiative.”

The city seeks applications for two new sculptures to be painted and displayed at Legacy Commons for Active Seniors and the Palmdale Playhouse. Applications will be reviewed by the Public Art program manager and an artist selection panel will assess the submissions, making recommendations to the Public Art Commission for final approval.

Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Encouragement of creative engagement.

Past quality efforts.

Alignment with the Public Art Program’s mission and City goals.

Suitability for the project demands.

Response to site and community characteristics.

Ability to collaborate effectively with the project team.

Each life-size pronghorn antelope sculpture measures approximately 54?" tall by 40" wide. The project includes an all-inclusive budget of $1,500, which will be allocated to each selected artist, with a $450 stipend for the proposal stage and $1,050 for planning, paint supplies and execution. Applications are due Thursday, March 28.

For more information on how to apply and for detailed guidelines for submissions, visit