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Sisters of Watts continues to serve the oft-forgotten


‘Promote community,  strengthen families’

Effecting change in one’s backyard is essential for positive results. There are several ways in which a person can create a lasting impact, one of which includes creating a non-profit organization. Luckily for  Watts, there is such a non-profit service and for the benefit of the community called Sisters of Watts. The mission of the organization is to “unite neighborhoods, promote community, strengthen families and form meaningful relationships.” Robin Daniels is the CEO of the Sisters of Watts and her sister, Keisha Daniels, serves side by side as the COO and co-founder of the organization. 

Robin and Keisha Daniels are both Watts natives and are foster parents. They’ve worked throughout their lives to create loving and nurturing homes. Keisha mentions that throughout their childhood, their mother made a point to have them involved in local activities throughout the city. However, the need and origin of the organization came about when the two sisters–along with some immediate family members–recognized that there were few organizations or safe spaces for the children and families in Watts to gather, grow, and or convene. The name of their organization stems from a desire to be “sisters” to the community. 

Sisters of Watts participates in several community outreach projects and gives back to the community in various ways. Some of the ways include feeding the community, field trips with children in the community, a backpack giveaway, an annual women’s march, feeding hot meals to the senior citizens, and partnering with 96th Street Elementary School to donate food baskets to families during COVID-19. At a typical meeting of Sisters of Watts, attendees are encouraged to discuss local issues and concerns in the Watts community. The latest topics include excessive and illegal trash dumping, as well as a new residential speed bump program to reduce speeding and increase pedestrian safety.

Sisters of Watts Women’s and Starbucks partnered last year for the latest March for Women. It was held with the hopes of passing the torch to promote and inspire the next generation to effect change in the future. Mayor Karen Bass, Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-43) County Supervisor Holly J Mitchell participated in the walk from Success Street to Century Boulevard and then on to Compton Avenue. Their most successful event to date is their annual backpack giveaway, last year they offered free health care and mammogram screening, free haircuts, treats, and backpacks filled with school supplies. 

A recent backpack giveaway distributed more than 2,000 bookbags, as well as 700 pairs of shoes, and 300 bags of food. One of the more recent and exciting developments as of this month is the securing of a Safe House by Sisters of Watts. The safe house will be open seven days a week and offer services such as meals, laundry, printing and faxing, a backyard, and activities for children. The goal is for there to be a safe space for children to retreat to after school where they can feel comfortable, free, and supported. Robin is currently fundraising every week to make repairs on the property. Fundraising includes selling food and desserts in the city of Watts to the public.

To support Sisters of Watts and their dream of having the safe house up and running visit or follow them on Instagram at @sistersofwatts.