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State commission releases alarming report on hate


An action plan for communities

The California Commission on the State of Hate (Commission) has released its first annual report outlining the Commission’s work to study and combat hate activity. The Commission was established to support state efforts to stop hate through research, policy recommendations, and community engagement. It is one of several major initiatives that have been advanced by the State of California in direct response to the surge in reported hate crimes in the state, which in recent years reached their highest levels since 2001 — increasing more than 20% from 2021 to 2022.

“Unfortunately, hate continues to have a devastating impact on the many communities that make California the vibrant, thriving state that it is today,” said Commission Chair Russell Roybal. “With this report, the Commission is laying out its strategic priorities and action plan for protecting communities from hate. This work is key to creating a more peaceful California where all communities can flourish. California continues to lead the way and I am inspired by the commitment of our state and community partners in working to safeguard Californians from hate.”

“This report is an important first step to address the hate that Californians continue to experience,” said Bamby Salcedo, Vice Chair of the Commission and President and CEO of the TransLatin@ Coalition. “It will provide a guide to the much needed work that we are doing as a commission. We are grateful for the support that the California Civil Rights Department has provided to ensure that we continue to address and ultimately eradicate hate in our beautiful state.”

Uniting against hate is nothing new and the report is the first step in a positive direction. The recent rise in hate is alarming and California must do what is necessary in order to fight to protect community rights. California will continue to lead the country in protecting all rights. 

The California Commission on the State of Hate is a key part of those efforts and a testament to the state’s intentional approach to addressing hate and discrimination. If you want to join us in the fight against hate, I urge you to read this first annual report and get involved, whether it’s participating in the Commission’s community forums or uplifting resources available through CA vs Hate.” The Commission was established by Assembly Bill 1126 (AB 1126), which was signed into law by Gov. Newsom in October 2021 and funded through the Budget Act of 2022.

The work of the Commission builds on the longstanding efforts of numerous state and community partners to combat hate and other forms of discrimination. With the support of staff at the California Civil Rights Department (CRD), the Commission aims to provide guidance to strengthen and build on existing anti-hate initiatives across California, serving as a critical hub for supporting the state’s myriad approaches.