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New art exhibit explores ‘Women Describing Women’

Today’s society finds increased views on the diversity of women region to region, country to country, and culture to culture.


At LA County Museum of Art

Today’s society finds increased views on the diversity of women region to region, country to country, and culture to culture. Practically all cultures require women to have different responsibilities; in certain places, women’s rights also differ. In some parts of the world, traditional roles are embraced, while in other parts of the world, women are embracing what it means to be a modern woman in modern society.

In regions like South America, Many to most women embrace or still take on the responsibilities of the traditional role and more of the in-home duties and fewer financial responsibilities. The lifestyle for women can also reflect the economic state that many countries in South America are in, as some make their money from being a tourist attraction, and others make their money from farming.

In Asia, women are still practicing the traditional role (Some are forced depending on the country) with education heavily encouraged in Asian culture, women are also adopting Western societies’ viewpoint of women being equal to men in the labor and corporate world and accordingly should be afforded more opportunities. Nations like China and North Korea still oppress women and don’t view them on the same level morally or legally as men, while countries like Japan and South Korea often oppress women through sexism.

In the Middle East, women have been fighting for their God-given rights. Many Islamic nations have always reflected their religious beliefs in their society. In Iran, women have led protests since the beginning of the 20th century for their freedom, rights, and equality. Some of these rights they are fighting for are education, the right to expression with their clothes, gender equality, and social equality.

The revolution has seen progress, but like most revolutions, it came with a great loss, with many women and some men losing their lives and others thrown into prisons. The leaders of Iran and other middle eastern countries blame America for why their women are now protesting for change, as they assume influence from Western women and social media is the cause.

When it comes to American women, there is a duality in how they are viewed by the rest of the world. Some women see them as idols for fighting for gender equality and women’s rights, while others question their morals and the purpose of challenging some of the traditional roles women have held since the beginning of time, as it also affects the family dichotomy. American women are the stigma and enigma to the world, which causes them to be observed and emulated.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) at 5905 Wilshire Blvd. is doing its part in helping connect all women and showcase their perception of each other through the unveiling of its new exhibit titled “Women Describing Women  in Contemporary Art of the Middle East and Beyond.” The exhibit opened on April 23 and will run until Sept. 24, and it is free to the public.