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Black man creates skincare line for all

For many years the skincare industry was polarizing to the Black community as there weren’t many products geared towards Black skin. But recently there has been


QURUX essentials

By Caleb Pugh | OW Reporter

For many years the skincare industry was polarizing to the Black community as there weren’t  many products geared towards Black skin. But recently there has been an influx of Black businesses introducing Black products at a rapid rate. Now, a new owner of his skincare line wants to squeeze his name into the conversation.

Marcus Brown is a South LA barber who doubles as a skincare business owner of Qurux essentials as he launches a three-step skincare routine that works for every skin type.

“I first got into skincare once I became part of the barber industry, but my focus on it became deeper and personalized six years ago once I wanted to correct some of the flaws on my skin,” Brown said as he talked about the first few products he used. “I started using different face masks and cleansers because I started getting razor bumps on my chin and neck area.”

Brown also connected his skin problems and other Black men’s skin problems during his research.

“What I learned about Black men’s skin is that most Black men can’t use a straight razor straight to the face because it will cause razor bumps and depending on the skin type that you have, it can destroy the stratum corneum,” Brown said, explaining the stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin that protects the body from external stressors, like pollution and UV radiation. It helps the body retain water, and transports nutrients to your skin.

A few years later, Brown discovered the foundation of his skincare line.

“While I was traveling through LAX, I saw a lady passing out this concealing powder, and I didn’t want the powder, but I did want to help her out by giving her some money,” Brown said as he described how that interaction led him to learning about the Gob tree leaf. “The woman was from Somalia, and I learned about the leaf from her as she used it for her powder, but once I got the leaf in a raw form, I knew I wanted to do something different with it.”

The Gob tree leaf is native to Somalia and is known for its healing properties on human skin. It can even heal cuts if applied correctly. Once Brown acquired the leaf, he did a three-year trial and error process to create a facemask that anybody of any skin type could use.

“After three years of testing different recipes on myself and my peers, I figured out a recipe that worked for everybody across the board. After a while, people started wanting more of the product, and I knew I had something special.” Brown said.

The process Brown had to go through was simple, but it had to be precise as one mistake can damage the skin.

“I had to learn the right measurements of added ingredients like water or even turmeric because I still wanted to keep the natural properties of the leaf as the main component, even now I’m testing it with avocado as I want people to be able to use it in their hair,” Brown said.

Brown also has a clay turmeric coming out with a moisturizer as they combine in a three-step skincare routine that he uses on himself. He recommends using the facemask two to three times a week and the turmeric and moisturizer every day.

The facemask can be purchased at Wilshire Beauty, 5401 Wilshire Blvd. and Pico beauty supply located at 4972 W. Pico Blvd. Also beauty supply stores in South L.A. will receive them by summer, as Brown is preparing to do a rollout for all three products by then.

To make purchases visit,