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Using art to stand against hate


An award ceremony for the participants and winners of the Love My Neighbor – United Against Hate Carson Kids Art Contest, celebrating Carson neighbors and in commemoration of United Against Hate Week, was held on Nov. 18 at the Scottsdale Townhouses Association. The ceremony was in collaboration with Artward Initiative Non Profit, “Scottsdale” townhouses, and the Carson Sheriffs Gang Diversion Team. Members of Carson City Council were invited.

United Against Hate Week was recently organized by the LA County Human Relations Commission (HRC) as a key part of the LA vs. Hate Campaign. LA Commons was a partner in this work, as the organization believes that residents must all stand against the rising tide of hate.

Art is integral in the effort, as participants are spreading the message through murals, posters and graphics that are free to use in social media and, importantly, provide creative ways for everyone to join in.

Los Angeles has not one but two efforts to address the rise in acts of hate. The County’s LA vs. Hate initiative is complemented by the City of LA’s LA for ALL campaign led by the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department.

Several projects engage young people in the design of brand new LA vs Hate posters. LA Commons is one of many partners in this endeavor, a diverse coalition fighting back and enabling people in all five county districts to report hate acts and access supportive resources by calling 211.

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