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New survey addresses practicality of African-American reparations


Los Angeles’ Reparations Advisory Commission has released a survey asking for residents to contribute ideas and share experiences with institutional racism to help guide the commission’s work.

The commission, created to advise city leaders about a possible future reparations program, held its first community meeting on Oct. 20.

“Black Americans have always faced bigotry, racism, and discrimination and we can trace the toll that slavery has taken in their unequal health, wealth, and educational outcomes,’’ Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

“Through this reparations commission, the city of Los Angeles is acknowledging, and seeking to address, the injustices of the past–while working to build a future where all Angelenos are given the opportunity to thrive and reach for their full potential.’’

The survey seeks feedback on areas that reparations should address along with the “possibility of future reparative efforts for other harms done,’’ according to the city.

Reparations are focused on “meaningful acknowledgement and repair of harms done’’ in both monetary and non-monetary forms, city officials said.

“The Reparations Advisory Commission wants to hear from our city,’’ said Michael Lawson, chair of the Reparations Advisory Commission Chair. “Community input is crucial to developing a meaningful reparations program.

The thoughts collected in this survey will guide our research, outreach and work in creating reparations for Los Angeles.’’

The survey can be accessed at: