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California, in the past decade, has dealt with extreme environmental issues that have caused damage to inhabitants and even caused death in some cases. Wildfires have caused Southern California to lose countless acres of land and have caused wildlife to move closer to the human population, making things dangerous for both parties. Climate change has led to extreme heat waves, polluted air, and health issues for nearby residents.

The Clean Air Coalition has come together to advocate for the passing of Prop 30, which will help promote the elimination of wildfires and help fix climate change.

“The scars of the Camp Fire in Paradise linger on here in Chico. Like many others, I lost my home in that devastating fire. The Camp Fire leveled my community, and 90 percent of it was lost in the blaze. Butte County records find that many of the unhoused population here in Chico were my neighbors in Paradise.” David Leon Zink, a camp survivor, said via the website.

“A wildfire can take away someone’s home and rob them of their livelihood. Proposition 30 provides CAL FIRE with the long-term funding necessary to take a preventative approach to forest management and avoid the next Paradise. I urge you to vote yes this fall,” Zink said.

Wildfires in California have claimed over 7 million acres of land and have led to 1.2 million kids being diagnosed with asthma. Air quality in California also is affected by the pollution caused by wildfires and gas vehicles causing 95 percent of California counties monitoring particulate pollution to receive an F in air quality.

“The Clean Air California Coalition’s bold vision cuts right to the heart of the climate crisis in our state: emissions caused by our reliance upon gasoline-powered cars and the disastrous impact of wildfires. And so far, the biggest threats of this crisis have been shouldered by the most underserved populations.” Veda Banerjee, communications director of California Environmental Voters, said on the website.

“With an unprecedented investment that will last up to a generation, we can finally mount a sustained attack against these twin polluters and deliver on the promise of climate justice for all.

While Proposition 30 will positively impact the environment, which will benefit all California residents, some are still against it because of the impact on their pockets. Proposition 30 will raise the taxes in California, making north of two million dollars by 1.75 percent, going from 13.3 percent to 15.5 percent. People against the proposition are stating the tax hike will chase wealthy, job-producing people from the state, while supporters say the rich can afford it, and there’s no proof high-income earners are fleeing the state.

Gov. Gavin Newsom is also against Prop 30 as he calls it fiscally irresponsible and referred to it as the “Trojan Horse that puts corporate welfare over the fiscal welfare of our entire state.”

Newsom also thinks Lyft drafting and supporting this proposition as a way for taxpayers to fund their driver’s electric vehicles (EV) instead of Lyft having to do it.

Lyft, which helped write Proposition 30 and has contributed $45 million to the “yes,” campaign, wants state help to meet that EV mandate — more state money to encourage Lyft drivers to buy EVs and to fund larger networks of public chargers.