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A DWP extreme heat relief effort


The heat has been turned up on L.A. summers. We’ve always experienced uncomfortably hot periods from June to September, but climate change has raised the stakes to an extreme, life-threatening level.

Los Angeles has experienced one of its longest stretches of extreme heat and humidity, marked by blistering daytime highs and sweltering, sticky and sweaty, upper-70 overnight lows.

There’s a good chance we’re not yet done with the current extreme heat assault. Prompted by Santa Ana winds prevalent this time of year, 100-degree days may return before the end of fall.

The extreme heat we experienced this September is not an anomaly. It’s a temperature pattern we should expect every summer moving forward because our climate has already changed.

LADWP is tackling big policy issues, like transitioning to 100% carbon-free energy to combat climate change over the longer-term. DWP has incentivized solar panels and electric vehicles and offers energy efficiency programs that are helping many utility customers go green.

We know that extreme heat can kill and residents most vulnerable to heat stroke include seniors, young children, and people with underlying health conditions. That is why we launched LADWP’s Cool LA initiative.

With support and input from community stakeholders, LADWP has assembled an array of programs that provide relief for customers. Under Cool LA’s umbrella, LADWP customers can purchase or replace air conditioners, including window, portable A/Cs, swamp coolers and others at reduced cost to help customers lower indoor heat.

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Cynthia McClain-Hill is president of the LADWP Board of Commissioners. Veronica Padilla-Campos is executive director of Pacoima Beautiful, a Northeast San Fernando Valley-based environmental justice non-profit and a member of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board Member.