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Snoop Dogg now offering cereal called Snoop Loopz


From his own wine to branded cannabis, Snoop Dogg isn’t shy about embarking on new business endeavors. Now the iconic rapper is introducing his own breakfast cereal – Snoop Loopz – reports the Huffington Post.

Not to be mistaken with the classic Fruit Loops, Snoop’s breakfast treat will be sold at various grocery stores through his Broadus Foods business, which he shares with business mogul Master P.

On August 13, Master P, who is also a partner with Rap Snacks, unveiled the new cereal on Twitter, saying it had “more corn, more flavor and more marshmallows” than other comparable brands.

The multi-grain cereal is enriched with fiber and Vitamin D. Broadus Foods also sells a variety of “Mama Snoop” branded breakfast products including cereal, oatmeal, grits, pancake mix and syrup