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Healthcare worker minimum wage ordinance suspended


Los Angeles City Clerk Holly Wolcott recently announced that the Referendum Petition Against Ordinance No. 187566 (Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage) was filed on Aug. 10. The city clerk’s office issued a Conditional Acceptance of Filing receipt and will conduct an initial review of the petition to determine that the total number of signatures equals or exceeds the total number required, and all Circulator Affidavits have been completed and fully executed before proceeding to the examination and verification process.

As a result of the filing of the referendum petition, Ordinance No. 187566 is suspended and will not take effect while the city clerk’s office reviews the petition to determine if it contains a sufficient number of valid voter signatures. If the City Clerk determines that the referendum petition does not contain a sufficient number of signatures, the clerk will issue a certificate of insufficiency and the ordinance will take effect upon the date of the certificate.

If the city clerk determines that the referendum petition contains the requisite number of signatures, the ordinance shall remain suspended and not take effect until it is adopted by the voters of the city.

The petition must contain the valid signatures of at least 40,717 qualified, registered voters (10% of total votes cast for all candidates for the Office of Mayor at the last election at which the Mayor was elected) to qualify the referendum.

More information can be found on the city clerk’s election website: or by contacting the Election Division at (213) 978-0444, or (888) 873-1000 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.