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Possible reduction in monitoring of mosquitos in Antelope Valley


The Antelope Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (AVMVCD)  in May sent out a Proposition 218 ballot measure to local residents that proposed an increase in funding for AVMVCD to maintain mosquito-control services and continue to combat Invasive Aedes mosquito infestations.

The ballot measure needed a 50-percent-plus-one one vote from the community in order to pass, but it received only 45-percent support, meaning AVMVCD will not receive extra funding.

“Unfortunately, not garnering additional financial support from the community means that the current level of mosquito control services provided to the community cannot be maintained,”  AVMVCD officials said in a news release. “The overall increase in operation costs without appropriate funding means there will undoubtedly be a reduction in services.”

According to AVMVCD, reduced services may include but are not limited to:

•  Treatment of local storm drains and unmaintained “green pools” which are both significant breeding sources for mosquitoes.

•  The ability to provide free mosquito-eating fish to property owners for backyard ponds and other water features.

•  Testing for diseases that can be carried by mosquitoes.

•  Responding to service requests concerning mosquitoes.

•  Community education on how to treat and prevent vector sources.

“We will continue to provide the best possible services with the limited funds available… We are disheartened by the prospect of not being able to respond as quickly or as thoroughly as required to effectively reduce the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases in our community,” AVMVCD officials said in the news release.

The vector district is in the process of monitoring pools to ensure they are either clean and maintained or completely dry. A 2022 aerial flyover was conducted during the second week of June, and residents should have received pool notices, if applicable.

Residents who receive pool notices in error should respond according to the instructions on the notice or visit for more information. Call the AVMVCD at (661) 942-2917.