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Viola Davis red carpet jewelry supports #BlackisBrilliant


By Stacy M. Brown | NNPA Newswire

When Viola Davis sported Matturi Fine Jewelry earrings at the premiere of Showtime Television’s hit show “The First Lady,” she paid more than a tribute to designer Satta Matturi.

She wore the jaw-dropping pieces, ethically and sustainably sourced natural diamonds from Botswana, for RAD x De Beers Group’s #BlackIsBrilliant campaign.

Officials said giving back is the goal of #BlackisBrilliant, a partnership between the De Beers Group and RAD Red Carpet Advocacy to bring together exceptional Black jewelry designers with top celebrity stylists.

With #BlackIsBrilliant, De Beers Group provides a platform for Black designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces with natural diamonds from Botswana, emphasizing the Red Carpet as a powerful forum for communication and visibility in amplifying Black voices and talent.

De Beers Group and RAD have taken the latter organization’s established, purpose-driven approach of pairing talent and brands to use their platforms in advocating for causes at global events to promote social progress and positive shifts in culture.

De Beers Group officials maintain that they are deeply committed to creating a positive, lasting impact that will endure well beyond discovering its last diamond.

“In support of Viola Davis’ advocacy of Black creative talent, a $25,000 donation will be made to a charity of her choice,” officials wrote in a news release.

Satta, the founder, and creative lead for Matturi Fine Jewelry, noted that Kwe counts as a diverse group of people who historically lived through a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

“Their traditions, dance, and distinct rock art depict and interpret their views and beliefs regarding landscapes, flora, fauna, and living within a sustainable ecosystem, which have been passed through the generations,” Satta noted in the news release.

Satta added that contemporary San artists continue to draw on those same ancestral beliefs and traditions using bold interpretations and vibrant colors.

“The Kwe earrings are a tribute to a people who continue to live selflessly with nature,” Satta continued. “The design in particular picks on the beautiful landscapes of Botswana, a country that is blessed not just with diamonds but with the natural beauty of the delta, rivers, and an abundance of wildlife.

“Forty natural diamonds, created deep under Botswana’s soil millions of years ago, were selected by De Beers Group for their unique attributes, which were cut and polished in Gaborone by Batswana artisans.

“Surrounding and connecting the natural diamonds, 18 karat gold has been left unpolished to achieve a raw yet contemporary, natural look and feel.”

Satta concluded that “every aspect of these earrings and design pays homage to a country, its people, natural resource, and astonishing ecosystem.”

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent. @StacyBrownMedia