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Black Americans approve of President Biden, but not on inflation: poll


Black Americans continue to be among President Biden’s strongest supporters, with two-thirds approving of his job performance, reports CBS News. But as with the public overall, the president’s approval ratings among Black Americans fell over the course of 2021 and have not returned to the heights seen at the start of his term.

It’s inflation weighing on his ratings now: most Black Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, specifically — as do Americans overall. Nor do most think he’s focused enough on inflation.

This is even as they give him net positive marks for other issues, for handling the pandemic, and for the economy more generally.

Black Americans who disapprove of his overall job performance overall also disapprove of his handling of inflation, in particular, among other issues.

Black Americans still give Biden very positive marks for handling coronavirus, even though that measure dipped over the last year too. And it’s an important measure because they feel Black communities have been hard-hit by the virus, citing “a lot” of impact.