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$1.8M in scholarships from Galvanize to promote equity in technology workforce

Credit: Galvanize

According to the Pew Research Center, Black  people are underrepresented in the STEM workforce, making up 11% of the U.S. workforce  overall but only representing 9% of STEM workers. To address this, Galvanize – one of the  nation’s leading providers of software engineering and data science training – and its parent  company Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN) are investing up to $1.8 million to increase equity in the  technology workforce through the We Stand Together Scholarship. Four recipients of the Spring  2021 award were announced today as the next round of applications opens.

“This scholarship is a key part of Galvanize’s commitment to ensure that tech, the fastest  growing industry in the country, is representative of the U.S. population,” said Dr. Sam Kline,  Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Galvanize. “This spring’s recipients prove that no  matter your background or circumstances, the drive to succeed is universal. We are proud to  support their efforts to make a difference and help make tech more inclusive in the process.”

Recipients have the option to enroll in one of four immersive bootcamps for software  engineering or data science, either as part-time or full-time students. The scholarship covers full  tuition for the bootcamp of their choice, as well as the prep program that must be completed in  advance. All four of today’s recipients will enroll in the Hack Reactor Software Engineering  Immersive bootcamp in June 2021 and have begun their journey with the Premium Prep  program.

Meet the recipients of the Spring scholarship cohort:

Makeda Davis is rebuilding her life after serving time in prison and has dedicated every minute  of her free time to learning to code. She believes that success can be achieved by anyone who  is hardworking, dedicated, and refuses to give up. Makeda strives to be a community leader  and lead by example and looks forward to blazing a trail for more Black women to become  software engineers.

Charnelle Evans is a kindergarten teacher who consistently incorporates technology into her  classroom. Although she is just starting her tech journey, it has always been one of her  passions. Charnelle wants to inspire her students and other women to realize that they can be  anything that they desire, no matter their age or what they look like.

Prior to COVID-19, Jeremy Ketema held administrative and customer-facing positions for some  of the biggest hospitality companies in the country. Becoming a software engineer has long  been a dream of his, and Jeremy hopes to inspire others who may have been impacted by the  pandemic to follow their dreams.

After earning a B.A. in Financial Economics, Ann Speed discovered the field of computational  linguistics, which involves many principles of software engineering. Ann has decided to take a  different route with her language expertise as she pursues ESL teaching. She aspires to design  interactive websites for ESL learners, in addition to reading and literacy software for students in  underserved and underrepresented communities.

The next opportunity to apply for the We Stand Together Scholarship opens today, April 19,  2021. To learn more and apply, please