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Black Girls Rock teams up with Microsoft


Black Girls Rock is an affirmation turned award-winning women’s empowerment brand that is dedicated to celebrating and facilitating the advancement of Black women.

Founder and CEO Beverly Bond has announced a strategic partnership with tech giant Microsoft to build technology infrastructure and empower more Black girls to become leaders through access to culturally relevant programs, leadership development, and STEM skills, reports Afro Tech.

“It’s remarkable to be championed by a towering institution like Microsoft to propel the work we’ve been doing at BLACK GIRLS ROCK!® to educate, empower and inspire the next generation,” Bond said in a statement. “This partnership gives BLACK GIRLS ROCK! the support necessary to expand our work to help more girls find their voices, define their truths, and forge the futures they envision.”

One of BGR’s core missions is to mentor, enrich and educate the next generation of young women leaders by providing the tools needed to develop leadership skills, refine critical thinking, and increase civic engagement. With this new collaboration with Microsoft, they hope that they will be able to scale and launch new programs designed to affirm Black girls and cultivate their leadership potential.