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Honoring AVH physicians on National Doctors Day


This year’s Doctors Day is acknowledged by a sincere appreciation for the Antelope Valley Hospital (AVH) medical staff. This time last year, there was uncertainty of the year that would lie ahead, and the physicians and medical team undertook one of the biggest challenges of their careers.

From trauma and emergency procedures to cancer care and every specialty in between, the doctors at Antelope Valley Hospital have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for many Antelope Valley residents.  Each year Doctors Day is celebrated at hospitals nationwide to thank physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones. Antelope Valley Hospital, administrators, nurses and staff alike applaud the medical center’s roster of 665 doctors across nearly 60 disciplines.

“Our outstanding doctors are committed to providing quality care for our patients,” said AVH Chief Executive Officer Ed Mirzabegian. “I’m proud of our doctors and the leadership role they took during a very difficult year.  Across all of our service lines, our doctors demonstrated top-quality care, compassion for our patients and were devoted to improving the health of our community.”

In celebration of National Doctors Day, the hospital treated its physicians to a special treat in the hospital’s Café J patio adorned in red carnations, the symbolic flower for the holiday. Since its inception in 1933, Doctors Day continues to be a day set aside to thank doctors who have spent years studying their specialty and who work long, unpredictable hours. President George Bush issued a proclamation in observance of National Doctors Day in 1991.

“I have had the privilege of working with many of the doctors here for more than 37 years and view many of them as friends,” said Chief Medical Officer Satya Dandamudi, M.D. “I have seen first-hand their dedication to providing the best quality care each and every day.”