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New Year-New Job: Taking a career in a different direction


Now that 2020 is finally over, most of society is trying to get their feet back into the working world. However, the current pandemic situation may have taken a toll on the professionalism, networking skills and business attire of many. Some career climbers may need a little help.

Although many meetings and interviews, are held via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Team, the job market is more competitive than ever.

Networking becomes all together more challenging and a resume really needs to stand out from the rest, along with a LinkedIn profile and an engaging social media presence.

“You need a thicker skin and the ability to network,” said Stephanie Heath, who is a career development coach at her company SoulWork & Six Figures in New York City. “Stephanie Thomas’ book Confident Introvert does a great job of providing scripts and other methods to network.”

SoulWork & Six Figures was created to help others quit jobs they are unhappy with and focus on becoming powerhouse individuals. The thought of quitting a job without having a back-up plan is more than just anxiety-ridden.

“I founded ‘SoulWork & Six Figures’ to help soft-spoken job seekers discreetly merge into soul-aligned positions with dream companies,” she said. “They are typically interviewing for roles in the six-figure range. These job seekers are typically burnt out, unfulfilled, or allowed themselves to be undervalued.”

Heath, a former human resources recruiter, was one of them.

“Prior to that, I started a self-esteem company “SoulWork & Selfies” while I was living in Japan,” she said. “The company did terribly, but it was a great experience. I’ve learned a lot. And now with this pivot, I’m still incredibly motivated to help employees step into their worth. It’s what I wake up for.”

Even though the 34-year-old has been coaching for only 2 1/2 years, her bank account collects six figures annually and her venture earns her more than her former corporate career did.

“I’ve built a career in recruitment. I’ve always been a recruiter, but after I came back from Japan, I experienced how it felt to be a job seeker and on the market for some time,” Heath said. “After the company ended up letting me go, I decided to switch sides and instead of helping companies hire talent, help talent interview into soul-aligned positions.”

Heath helped recruit for various tech start-ups, investment banks, and companies such as Amazon and Sony. Now she coaches others in learning important skills they need to be successful in landing their dream job.

Heath obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, focusing on industrial and organizational psychology which can be applied to many aspects of life, especially in the work environment. Her success mantra is the belief that “good people get hired,” which she applies in her coaching techniques.

The crucial part of getting hired is often the interview process which leaves many individuals with sweaty hands, no matter how many interviews they have completed. Heath shared a few tricks, especially for interviewees who suffer from severe anxiety.

“I would point out from a recruiter-perspective, the interviewer, even if it’s an intern all the way to a CEO, they are as nervous as you are, even only for a brief second,” she said. “What helps is to have a sticky note, that says ‘How can I make this interviewer happier having spoken to me,” or how can I make the interviewer have a great day after he/she has spoken to me.’

“My biggest suggestion is to focus on the other person because you stop focusing on yourself and instead drop into the present moment and actually hear the questions being asked to you,” Heath said.

Heath also teaches individuals how to step out of their comfort zone and negotiate a salary.

Introverts are no exception.

“Be direct. I feel like most career coaches have a different perspective. But for introverts, socializing isn’t necessarily fun,” she added. “So when you can instead be direct with strangers, it makes them feel less used and instead useful.”

“When you send a stranger – for example from TikTok – a message, asking them if their team is still hiring or who is the best HR person to forward your portfolio to, it can make them feel good because you’re asking them for simple things that they can answer/solve for you quickly. It’s an easy win for both of you. And, for introverts, that’s important. I believe that being direct while being polite will get you what you want.”

Heath has helped thousands of individuals find their worth and learn how to generate a soul-aligned six-figure salary.

It is important to follow certain guidelines to have a successful virtual interview, Heath pointed out. When on a virtual call, it’s important to have a clean background away from a window and sunlight, wipe down the camera lens so the video is clear; and wear the appropriate attire.

Additionally, it’s important to have working headphones and be able to have a flowing conversation without any interruptions.

“As an extra note, sometimes we get nervous, so if you feel nervous during the interview, you can always make eye contact with the camera instead but try to make eye contact with the interviewer from time to time,” Heath added.

Also, keep in mind that getting a call-back for an interview usually means an individual is qualified.

“Speak less than you normally would and stick to the questions being asked,” Heath said. “Remember interviewers typically only have a slotted amount of time to interview you. Also, you should research the company the night before and don’t stop until you find at least one thing that makes you feel lucky to be taking the call. I call it falling in love with the company. There’s always something about the role, the opportunity, or the interview that you can get excited about. Don’t go on the interview without doing this.”

Aside from coaching career skills, Heath also co-wrote a book with her partner, investor, engineer, and tech founder L.E. Nichols, called Transitioning to Tech on how to land a job in the tech industry, since these jobs are currently high in demand.

“There are creative jobs, jobs for extroverted people, you can work in product, you can design user experience for websites, you can even design imagery,” she said.

For more information on taking a career in a different direction in 2021, contact Heath via LinkedIn: or directly on her website: