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Our Weekly Voters’ Guide to a most consequential election

Voters' Guide (298499)
Voters’ Guide

Election Day has turned into an “election month,” as ballots were mailed out the week of Oct. 5 to all registered voters in California. Perhaps you have already filled out your ballot and placed the sealed and signed envelope in a post office box or official ballot box. Or maybe you have already completed a ballot at a local Voting Center. Either way, wear that “I voted” sticker with pride, my friend, but be aware that the final determination on winners and losers this election season may not be known for weeks.

When the ballot counting gets underway, it’s hoped that enough Black voters utilize their rights and play a pivotal role in determining the future structure of the city, county, state and nation. There are a number of items on the ballot which deserve readers’ attention. OW staff has gathered information in this guide to assist voters through the process.

Our Weekly endorsements are featured here.  Make sure to make your vote count and submit your ballot on or before November 3. For information on voting by mail, drop boxes or becoming an election worker, visit

President of the U.S.

—Joe Biden

U.S House of Rep. 25

—Christy Smith

U.S. House of Rep. 37

—Karen Bass

U.S. House of Rep. 43

—Maxine Waters

CA State Assembly 54

—Sydney Kamlager-Dove

CA State Assembly 59

—Reggie Jones-Sawyer

CA State Assembly 62

—Autumn Burke

CA State Assembly 64

—Mike Gipson

LAUSD District seat 7

—Patricia Castellanos

2nd Dist. Supervisor

—Herb Wesson

10th Dist. Councilman

—Mark Ridley-Thomas

County District Attorney

—George Gascon

Carson Mayor

—Albert Robles

LA Community College District seat 1

—Tori Bailey

Proposition 14


Proposition 15


Proposition 16


Proposition 17


Proposition 18


Proposition 19


Proposition 20


Proposition 21


Proposition 22


Proposition 23


Proposition 24


Proposition 25


Measure RR


Measure J