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Project Cry No More founder dies


Vicky D. Lindsey, founder and CEO at Project Cry No More, has died. She founded the organization after her son was slain on the streets of Los Angeles.

The project’s Facebook page reads: “We are Survivors ( Loved Ones Friends & Community ) of Homicide Victims.We are Reality Reunification Believers!”

Lindsey was also an executive board member at United In Peace/UP Fest, a growing multi-ethnic, multi-faith popular movement that unites people to bring peace to the inner cities. She was also an executive board member at the Southern California Cease Fire Committee

A Compton native, Lindsey went to Compton High School and studied at Compton College before working as a bus operator at LACMTA.

Project Cry No More (PCNM) was created in 1988 with the original purpose to help bring calm and peace to the violence-infested communities.  After the murder of Lindey’s 19-year-old son, Lionel E.L. Whiteside, the focus turned to supporting murdered victims’ loved ones.

PCNM provides educational seminars, trainings and workshops to the public to help them become more effective in providing for the needs of murdered victims’ loved ones. Weekly support group meetings for loved ones and one-on-one support are also provided

“I met her through her organization Project Cry No More,” said Adela Barajas, founder and executive director of L.A.U.R.A. (Life After Uncivil Ruthless Acts), a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the residents of South Central Los Angeles. “Vicky was my twin sister. We used to do presentations together in the process of trying to  put to bring Black and Brown together.

“She was an amazing woman, a great community leader,” Barajas added. “‘Get involved by choice, not force’ was her slogan.”

Lindsey didn’t like to use the word “lost” to describe loved ones who died as a result of street violence. “Because what is lost can usually be found,” Barajas explained. “Her son was murdered.”

Memorial services for Lindsey were pending at time of publication.