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Lancaster cell phone service may witness vast improvement


The city of Lancaster is implementing a new pilot program for enhanced communications in collaboration with Landmark Infrastructure Partners, a leading colocation company. AS colocation company provides data service facilities in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.

“Through this innovative public/private sector partnership, we will provide our residents with more advanced communications capabilities on a faster timeline than would be possible under a traditional rollout,” said Lancaster City manager Jason Caudle. “Lancaster has become known as a ‘City of Firsts.’ We are pleased to launch this program with Landmark as we set the stage for new smart-city advancements which will benefit all.”

The cell towers will support both 4G and 5G cellular technology as well as Internet of Things applications. The towers will be equipped with battery backup capabilities to ensure continued coverage during emergencies. They will also include LED lighting, which will provide added security at city parks and facilities.

Under the agreement, which is anticipated to generate several thousands of dollars in revenue for the city, Landmark will construct 15 new towers in key locations. Each tower will support up to four antenna arrays from all major cellular providers, as well as sensors and Wi-Fi antennas for test purposes. Added security features will include a 360-degree camera. Each tower will be sheathed in a special casting which can be enhanced with identity graphics for way-finding.

The 15 initial towers will be placed at Lancaster City Hall, the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station, the City Maintenance Yard, the Metrolink Station, JetHawks Stadium, two park-and-ride facilities, as well as seven parks throughout the community.

If the pilot project proves viable, city officials say that additional installations may be added. Installation of the first tower at Rawley Duntley Park is expected to be completed by the end of the year.