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The old standby: ‘Not a racist bone in my body’


In 2019, most Blacks and people of color would like to believe that, “There is not a racist bone in my body” was an accurate statement in America. With the first African-American president, Black businesses in every major city, and Black political officials in federal, state, and local municipalities, diversity is a reality. With all these achievements in one of the greatest countries in the world, there is a major divide.

This major divide is based on the color of an individuals’ skin, which makes no sense, until you study economics, politics, and business. Power is based on what you own and control, and if you close your eyes, power may also be based on what you take by force.

Last month, President Donald Trump attacked four freshmen federal congresswomen by claiming they are “un-American,” they should go back to their country, and everyone is asking the question, “why?”

This started as a tweet-storm on that weekend, and it has turned into a nasty battle of words, where the majority of the media is calling President Trump a “racist.” This tweet-storm appeared to be racist and personal, very little was discussed by the president about the ladies’ policies.

“In America, if you hate our country, you are free to leave. The simple fact of the matter is, the four congresswomen think America is even more wicked now, that we are all racist and evil. They’re entitled to their opinion, they’re Americans. Now I’m entitled to my opinion, and I just think they’re left wing cranks,” says President Trump.

It is obvious, that the first thing the president thinks comes out of his mouth, and it does not matter if it makes any sense. The president is not fit or mentally stable to manage America as commander in chief, but over 40 percent think he is doing a good job.

As this new social media and campaign rally from the president attacking the four congresswomen escalates to a higher level of insanity, everyone in America is picking a side. The four congresswomen at the beginning of the week called a press conference to denounce the president and asked for a draft to be drawn up to condemn President Trump’s racist language and tweets. The resolution was passed in the House last week to condemn the president.

The amazing issue about this battle is that over 40 percent of Americans believe that the President is correct, and at a campaign rally during the week, a packed house with the majority being White Republicans chanted, “Send her back.”

With the media claiming that President Trump initiated and supported the yelling, the President is being forced by the vice president and some of his consultants to distance himself from the chant.

“After smearing Rep. IIhan Omar (D-MN) as anti-Semitic—and letting the crowd at his Greenville, NC rally roar “send her back” for more than 10 seconds –President Trump has falsely claimed he continued his speech immediately after the crowd started yelling,” says Tana Ganervo –reporter at Raw Story.

Send her back is a turning point, “With Trump’s naked hatred and cruelty captured on live television, and along with it, so was the seething anger of the hard-core Trump base. The whole nation saw in dramatic fashion that Trump voters understood his meaning perfectly well and watched them not just agree with it but also amplify it, with as ugly and hate-curdled a chant as one could imagine.”

Racism in 2019 is out in the open, with the election of President Trump leading the way. It is easy to argue what constitutes the act, and whether someone is a racist sometimes. But President Trump does not care what Blacks and people of color think.

He is only concerned with his base, and he feeds them red meat on a daily basis. There is something fundamentally wrong when the president does not care about values and inappropriate statements, because his goal is to only make America White again.