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Barger proposes solutions to assist local DCFS offices


To ensure the Antelope Valley Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) offices have the resources necessary to better serve the region, the Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Supervisor Kathryn Barger to identify solutions for staffing challenges.

“These much-needed improvements will equip social workers with the tools they need to better serve this community and provide appropriate oversight to ensure families receive vital resources,” Barger said.

The Department of Human Resources, other county agencies, and key community stakeholders will develop a comprehensive and sustainable staffing plan with measurable outcomes, including goals for local recruitment, hiring, retention, internships, and financial incentives.

These efforts will help fill vacant positions and make the on-boarding and orientation process more seamless for new hires and financially incentivize quality candidates to apply and stay with DCFS.

Barger’s motion creates a position for a DCFS Antelope Valley deputy director, whose job will be dedicated to serving the region full-time. The initiative will also create a Continuous Quality Improvement section, which includes 20 new positions to ensure quality casework with lighter, more manageable caseloads for social workers.

The motion addresses a critical need for high-level tenured supervisors to provide leadership and oversight for cases and staff in the Antelope Valley regional offices.

The CEO and DCFS will submit an initial report on the progress in 45 days and will complete a progress report every 30 days thereafter.