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Coalition declares ‘HIV war’


The Coaliton of Mental Health Professionals Inc. reports that there are more than 52,000 people living in Los Angeles with HIV and half of them take advantage of healthcare. About 16 percent of those infected don’t know that they are, and about 30 percentage of those infected know but aren’t seeing a physician. The coalition will host a meeting today at 4 p.m. at 9219 S. Broadway in Los Angeles.

The medical group is working to keep the Black community healthy by fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The first step, they attest, is getting women to start talking about prevention strategies by participating in one of the free HIV/AIDS health education groups.

The group seeks women 19 to 30 years old who reside in South Service Planning Area 6 to participate in its Collectively Getting Real with HIV/AIDS program and receive valuable information about ways to prevent contracting HIV. Information will be provided about protection, prevention, free testing, free condoms and “understanding and dealing with stigma and treatment.”

For more details, call (323) 777-3120, or visit