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Bill Cosby Ridiculed After Urging People To ‘Do Something Nice’ On His 80th Birthday


*Bill Cosby sent out a tweet asking people to do “something kind” in honor of his 80th birthday. They commenced to roasting him instead.

Fresh from a June mistrial in his sexual assault case after jurors were unable to reach a verdict, Cosby tweeted on Wednesday (July 12): “Help me celebrate the Big 8-0 by doing something kind for someone else today!”

Twitter attacked early and often, with responses like, “I will! I’ll avoid drugging and raping dozens of women,” and, “Is knocking somebody out and raping them considered nice?”

Cosby followed that up with another tweet thanking his supporters.

Again, the responses were immediate. “Almost as many victims as birthdays!” wrote one user. Another tweeted, “From the bottom of your heart to the bottom of your victims spiked cocktail glass.”

A retrial in Cosby’s criminal case involving Andrea Constand has been set for November.

The comedian’s once upstanding Hollywood image has been tarnished following multiple accusations of drugging and sexually assaulting numerous women.

He drew criticism last month after his spokesman announced that he planned to host town halls on sex assault education in an appeal to young people, in particular athletes and married men.

Cosby eventually clarified that his publicists had misspoken, and said that he did not actually plan on conducting a sexual assault tour.