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Compton College granted initial accreditation


The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) granted initial accreditation status to Compton College during its June 7 meeting. The action establishes Compton College as an accredited college.

“This accomplishment is a huge success story for the entire Compton Community College District community,” said El Camino Community College District Superintendent and President Dena P. Maloney. “El Camino College and Compton College faculty, staff and students are all to be congratulated for their hard work in achieving accreditation directly from eligibility status.”

Accreditation consists of several steps, including eligibility, candidacy, initial accreditation, and reaffirmation of accreditation. The ACCJC granted accreditation eligibility status to the institution in March 2015. The application for candidacy was the next step and a Comprehensive Institutional Self-Evaluation Report was submitted in January 2017.

A four-day visit from the ACCJC External Evaluation Team was completed this past March. In its report, the visiting team commended the El Camino Community College District for entering into this partnership to ensure the Compton community had access to higher education. The team noted that ECCCD’s willingness to enter into this unique relationship “is an excellent model of collegiality, dedication and commitment.” The team also commended the Center on the high level of student engagement in the participatory governance process and campus initiatives.

Typically, the ACCJC process would require accreditation candidacy to immediately follow accreditation eligibility. However, the Commission was so impressed with the progress made during the past two years, they determined that moving directly to initial accreditation was in order.

Granting initial accreditation indicates that the ACCJC has determined that the institution is in substantial compliance with its eligibility requirements, accreditation standards, and ACCJC policies. Compton College is required to submit a Quality Focused Essay as a special report within one year.

Mayor Aja Brown made the following statement regarding the restoration of Compton College’s accreditation:

“The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ decision to restore Compton College’s accreditation speaks to the college’s progress and efforts to rebuild. Their decision validates years of hard work by dedicated faculty, staff, administrators, students and the community it serves to restore Compton College to be a fully independent college again.

“Compton College is near and dear to my heart not just because I am the mayor of Compton, but because it is where my own mother earned her nursing credential.

“Throughout this entire process, Compton College has continued to provide much-needed workforce training to our students as well as prepare them for higher education and enrich our community.

“Congratulations to Compton College and congratulations to Compton!”

“We look forward to continuing to provide comprehensive educational programs and support services to our diverse communities,” said Compton College President Keith Curry. “Thank you to all of our community leaders—at the federal, state and local levels—for your steadfast support. Thank you to the Compton Community College District Board of Trustees for your leadership. Thank you to all of the Compton District students and employees. And last, but not least, many thanks to our partner, El Camino College, for taking this journey with us to an accredited college.”