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Police Commission asks for community input regarding LAPD body camera footage


The Los Angeles Police Commission is preparing to address one of the biggest accountability and transparency related issues facing law enforcement today: When should footage from police body cameras be released?

The Police Commission, working with New York University School of Law’s Policing Project in collaboration with UCLA and UCI, is seeking public input that its members will consider in crafting a policy to govern when the LAPD will release video after a “critical incident,” such as an officer-involved shooting.

There are many factors to consider in deciding whether and when to release video after a police shooting or other significant use of force, such as the victim’s family, officer privacy and general community impact. The commission is urging the community to take the time to support this process by providing their input and spreading the word.

It is critical that citizens take this opportunity to make sure that their voices matter.

Deadline for comments is May 7.

·  Take the survey (It will only take a few minutes but your participation is critical to ensuring that the policy actually meets the needs of the community)

·  Upload written comments (written comments allow individuals or groups to address issues that are covered by the survey)

· Attend a community forum

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