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Young men of color targeted for coding workshop


In the Summer Coding Leadership Academy, African American and Hispanic and other boys of color will learn to code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Students learn in an immersive experience where young men develop as technology leaders by learning computer programming, entrepreneurship, design and public speaking.

This 12-week academy beginning June 3 to Aug. Youth will learn how to build your own startup tech business. At SCLA, you will learn how to learn. You will master your strength to become the best version of yourself. After a few weeks with us, you will understand that success is not hard just a lot of work, but you will thrive. Students will be encouraged to become more than a coder: become a leader and entrepreneur, someone who can overcome any obstacle in his life. Last year, a 14-year-old received $4,000 to start his own company. This year, it can be you and the winning team secures. In past years, Lupe Fiasco are among the sucessful entrepreneur who have addressed the academy.

For info, go to,, 3655 S. Grand Ave., Suite 220, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Currently enrolled in middle school (8th) and high school (9th and 10th) as of the application deadline date of March 9.