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Katherine Jackson claims abuse


An attorney for Katherine Jackson’s nephew said this week he wants to take the deposition of the Jackson family matriarch, who’s currently in London, before a hearing is held on whether to extend a temporary restraining order against his client.

Ronald Rail said Trent Lamar Jackson has a right to have his counsel cross-examine Katherine Jackson, whose lawyer, Julianna Edwards, said her 86-year-old client will not return home until the order is extended.

Edwards submitted Katherine Jackson’s sworn declaration to the court today, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson rescheduled the hearing for March 23.

The TRO was granted in February. Court papers submitted on behalf of Katherine Jackson allege that her nephew wanted to maintain control of her finances and live in her guest house without having to pay rent.

Court papers submitted by Katherine Jackson’s attorneys allege that family members have witnessed ongoing abuse by her nephew, who once worked as her driver and is the son of Luther Jackson, brother of Joe Jackson, her ex-husband.

Trent Jackson was ordered under the TRO to return all keys, passwords and combinations for his aunt’s property and to stop obtaining access to her bank accounts. He also has been ordered to remain 100 yards from her and to not enter the gated community where she resides.

Rail called his client “a teddy bear” who was personally hired by Michael Jackson before he died to protect his mother. He said that anyone who sat down and talked with him would find him likeable.

Rail said Trent Jackson will testify during the hearing, which the lawyer predicts will last about two days. Rail said his client has moved out of Katherine Jackson’s property.

Several Jackson family members, including Jermaine Jackson, were present in the hallway for most of the morning.