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Women’s Empowerment Luncheon tackles natural hair and more

Courtesy of Nyema Jackson. (221811)
Courtesy of Nyema Jackson.
Courtesy of Nyema Jackson. (221809)

The Women of Bad Boy Empowerment Brunch brought together many women of various backgrounds. Various women in the music and corporate industry had a lot to say about ethnic hair styles, being the only woman in an all male industry; moving up the ranks by not sleeping with men to do it; honoring your true authenticity; and living your true purpose in life.

I had the opportunity to interview Shawn Tollerson, Chief Operating Officer of Namaste Laboratories (Original Root Stimulator) ORS and Olive Oil hair products.

Tollerson said  “The vision is to celebrate and honor the beauty of the consumer. It is the consumer’s right to wear their hair how they like and how they demonstrate their beauty is their right.”

Tollerson also stated that the company Namaste is majority African American Women and they felt that a lot of women in society are judged based on their hair choices because they wear their hair in twists, locs or other natural hairstyles. She stated that women are not being judged on their qualifications for the job and that we as a culture also tend to be judgmental toward each other.

Rona Fourte, Director Supply Diversity of Walgreeens said that Nameste is a great initiative. As the director of diversity and inclusion her company is very sensitive about natural hairstyles that employees wear and she says you have to be inclusive to all environments in regard to what the consumer wants.