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Pan African confab in Carson


The Sixth Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference will take place Sept. 16-17 at the Carson Community Center, 801 E. Carson St.

The conference is designed to celebrate and support the cultural and economic unification of the African Diaspora through recognition, justice and local economic development. Organizers cite that more than 200 million people identify themselves as being of African descent and reside in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and in many other regions of the world.

One of the participants will be the Reparations United Front (RUF), a coalition organized 16 years ago to raise the issue of reparations for African American slavery to the national Democratic Party so that the issue may be included in the party platform during the presidential election. RUF has worked for a broader coalition of regional, national and international reparations groups.

Also, the Teaching Artist Institute will facilitate the first art and cultural component of the conference and will include with its presentation cultural performances and exhibits. There will also be a series of “brain trust” sessions designed to develop the overall plan for NOMAD, a mobile arts and cultural touring village of arts and culture to preserve and promote the African identity and encourage a pilgrimage to Africa every five years for people living within the African Diaspora.

The South African-based Global Business Roundtable (GBR) will be featured during the conference. The Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce (AfUSA) is involved in working with the GBR leadership to establish chapters in the United States and in the Caribbean. AfUSA and GBR are collaborating to provide essential information for small business practices and opportunities associated with international trade and commerce in Africa and the Pan African Diaspora.

Among the speakers at the two-day conference will be Steven Kirnon, chairman of the Pepperdine University Master of Arts Entrepreneurship and Change Program; Letecia Wright, a specialist in crowd funding; Richard Petty, president and CEO of Okra Restaurant and Hospitality Group; Gwen Patrick, chairperson and CFO of ABC&D International Consulting Group; Bonnie James, president and CEO of BRJ & Associates; Kim Poole of Teaching Artist Institute USA, and David Horne, director of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus.