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Letter to the Editor



Does the very biased media understand that viewers and readers see right through the very blatant and biased reporting that favors Hillary Clinton? This is the very reason that so many Americans are disenchanted with government. It’s the same thing that our failed elected officials do. They attempt to play with our intelligence. Hillary is completely foul and severely dishonest and super arrogant. She has no shame, because the media uplifts her by so much focus being on Donald Trump as if Hillary is a righteous angel. Everything he says is blown out of proportion, because this country doesn’t live in truth and lies will do. When you stand up to this corrupt system, you are then “demonized.”

Trump didn’t insult Mrs. Khan he simply made a statement in regards to the family’s possible “religious” beliefs. If in fact her “religious” belief doesn’t allow her to speak, then it is what it is. A true person of faith wouldn’t take that personally. The media didn’t mention if Hillary’s people stopped to ask Mrs. Khan about her “religious” belief before throwing her in that arena for Hillary’s own political agenda. Hillary speaks of women’s equality and women’s rights so it’s Hillary who disrespected Mrs. Khan by attempting to make Trump’s speeches about refugees appear to have no merit and using the pain and loss of Mrs. Khan’s son—a captain in the military—to do so.

The really sad part is that in the media’s apparent dislike for Trump, they’d rather see a woman succeed who should not have “top secret clearance” much less win the White House. This means the media could care less about the good of this country, or is it all about the ratings? Which still means that the media doesn’t care about the good of this country. Everything Hillary does or has done is being minimized by the over the top focus on Trump. Shame on you the media!