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BYD to build electric trucks


BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced recently its plans to manufacture an array of electric trucks at its Lancaster plant. The news drew praise from Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris who said the idea would help to curtail one of the county’s biggest polluters in diesel trucks.

“Our city continues to work tirelessly toward our goal of becoming the nation’s first municipality to be completely net-zero,” Parris said. “As such, BYD’s entry into the electric truck market is very welcome news. I’m confident that the North American leadership team of BYD will continue to make great strides toward their ecologically friendly Master Plan—and along the way, the entire northern Los Angeles County region will benefit from the growing amount of jobs the Lancaster facility provides.”

BYD is known, primarily, for building a variety of electric busses. The company announced the plan on the May 3 at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, while proclaiming itself as the “Official Sponsor of Mother Nature.” The new product line is expected to be a natural next step toward improving air quality in many Northern American cities.

“This year, BYD is taking a bold step forward to unveil a new line of battery-powered vehicle applications, giving customers more options to save on fuel and operational costs by going all-electric,” said Stella Li, president of BYD Motors. “As a battery company first and foremost, we know this technology is safe and ready for widespread use in a variety of applications. And with our industry-leading, 12-year battery warranty, fleet managers can be assured these vehicles will operate reliably for the entire life of the vehicle, allowing them to save tens of thousands of dollars per year, per vehicle over the lifetime of the vehicle.