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100 days of work


It has been 100 days since Marqueece Harris-Dawson joined the Los Angeles City council to represent the 8th District, and on Saturday the community will have the opportunity to come out to Crenshaw High School from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to mark the occasion.

The event will feature activist and journalist Dominique Diprima as a special guest as well as music, food and entertainment for the entire family.

The City of Los Angeles and the Amanda Foundation will also offer free spaying and neutering services for cats and dogs on-site from their SpayMobile with a reservation. Call (888) 349-7388 to make an appointment.

A resource fair will take place that will enable people to look up the schedule of exams and apply for city jobs.

The councilman will also detail what he has accomplished during his first 100 days in office. One of his key actions was an emergency gathering held recently at Hamilton United Methodist Church to address the violence that has ratcheted up in the district. Concerned citizens, community leaders and elected officials turned out for the Sunday afternoon event. Among the actions that were subsequently put into motion were placing a priority on a commnity-based policing model that emphasizes more preventative relationships; officials plan to work on impacting the speed with which homicides occur as a result of social media. This includes working to hold social media companies accountable and to censor graphic materials shown on the Internet. This is expected to prevent retaliation.

A second part of this reality is to recognize the new dynamic in gang banging and have the city attorney report back on ways officials can interject themselves into the process of “cyber gang banging.”

Finally, Harris-Dawson said a deeper investment is needed in the Mayor’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development program (GRYD) and expand its scope of work, with a particular focus on intervention. “We’ve recently introduced a motion to have GRYD and multiple city departments work together to create a long-term approach to ending the violence in our community.”

The councilman is also working to create recruitment strategies that will connect district residents with the many job opportunities that currently exist with the city.

Additionally, the councilman has spent his first days working to clean the streets in the district in preparation for working to bring in more businesses. He said in the future, more emphasis will be placed on enforcing the laws that eliminate or bar opening of problem enterprises such as marijuana dispensaries and nuisance motels.

Crenshaw is located at 5010 11th Ave, Los Angeles.

He also intends to insure that people who dump trash and toxic waste are caught and prosecuted.

Finally, homelessness is on the increase in South Los Angeles, and a state of emergency has be declared which will facilitate the allocation of $100 million to provide services to the homeless and increasing the housing stock.

Crenshaw is located at 5010 11th Ave, Los Angeles.