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Let’s stand for diversity in the 54th Assembly District


One of the hallmarks and strengths of the 54th Assembly District is its diversity. As the California Democratic Party prepares for its Assembly District Election Meeting in the 54th Assembly District on Sunday, January 11, it is vitally important that we emphasize the unquestioned value of having individuals from diverse backgrounds provide leadership and critical perspectives as members of the Assembly District Delegation.

The 54th Assembly District Delegation must reflect the makeup of our party’s registered voters in the 54th District. We must find a seat at the party table for dedicated women and men such as Stephanie Uy, a next generation Filipino American who has excelled at grassroots community engagement; Celestine Palmer, one of the founders of the Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee (LAAAWPAC) who has worked tirelessly for more than two decades to bring women into the political arena; Alex Padilla, who has served in local law enforcement for more three decades; and Fred MacFarlane, a strategic communications consultant who has worked to elect Democrats to local, state and national office since 1976 and served as an advisor to Herb Wesson, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Holly J. Mitchell, Curren Price, Karen Bass, Steve Bradford, Linda Jones and many more.

Sometimes we forget that diversity and new leadership are important. Sometimes we only hear the voices of those with parochial party perspectives who fight change and resist embracing a new era of diverse leadership and a broader base for our party as if it were a threat. Sometimes we only read the personal musings of those who’ve gift-wrapped their opinions as the people’s message while the hackneyed sentiments covered by their garish wrapping communicates little more than misplaced revenge and misguided vendetta.

Assembly District Delegates are members of our Democratic Party who will conduct our party’s business over the next two years. I stand for diversity of leadership that capably reflects the makeup of the entire 54th Assembly District. As Assemblymember representing the 54th Assembly District, I see it as my role to open our party’s door for Ms. Uy, Ms. Palmer, Mr. Padilla and Mr. MacFarlane. I know the talents and skills they will bring to our party. I know the dedication with which they would perform their work on behalf of our district’s Democrats. It’s our party. It’s their opportunity. They reflect the diversity of leadership that is crucial for the future of the California Democratic Party and very much needed in the 54th Assembly District Delegation. I support them and urge you to support them.