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High school football: LB Poly is the measuring stick


In the quest for the Los Angeles City Section championship, Narbonne and Crenshaw are the front-runners, as usual. The season is only two weeks old, so it would normally be pure speculation over which team is better. But some questions can be answered, thanks to their common opponent—Long Beach Poly.

All three of these schools have power-house football programs, so these games can be used as an early season measuring stick. Crenshaw had their crack at Poly first, with Narbonne taking on the challenge this past week.

And one thing is clear, out of the three schools, Poly has the best team at this point. The other conclusion that can be drawn is that Narbonne is better than Crenshaw.  Narbonne played a competitive game against Poly, losing 34-21. As much as Poly won the game, it was Narbonne’s mistakes that contributed to their loss.

As for Crenshaw’s game against Poly on Aug. 30, it was not much of a contest. Poly scored touchdowns on all six of their first-half possessions, and the game was pretty much over early. Poly cruised to a 54-14 victory.

Now, the theory is that if teams A and B play a competitive game, and team A routs team C, then team B should be better than team C. But, that’s not necessarily how sports work. The match ups are different, and there are a lot of games between now and the championship game in December. Narbonne and Crenshaw are still the front-runners, and it’s anybody’s title.

Coming up this Friday night, the best local game on the schedule is Serra at Carson. Serra is one of the best teams in the state, and Carson is one of the power programs in the City Section. Many of the players on these teams grew up together, and have battled it out on the Pop Warner fields for years.

Last Week’s Scores

Crenshaw 49, South East 0

Paraclete 16, Dorsey 14

Long Beach Poly 34, Narbonne 21

Carson 41, Fairfax 7

Banning 26, Torrance 24

San Pedro 50, Locke 8

West Adams 42, McAuliffe 9

Palisades 40, Marshall 12

Bishop Montgomery 7, Westchester 0

Newport Harbor 40, Hamilton 0

Chatsworth 62, Manual Arts 7

Rancho Dominguez 65, Jordan 0

Hollywood 24, View Park 0

Santee 50, Wilson 6

South Gate 48, University 14

Washington 54, Dymally 0

Bellevue (Wash.) 31, Serra 14

Compton 35, Centennial 23

Dominguez 27, Long Beach Jordan 6

El Segundo 51, Leuzinger 0

Laguna Hills 27, Inglewood 22

Lynwood 40, Hawthorne 17

St. Bernard 14, Lancaster 13

West Torrance 51, Culver City 13

Morningside 66, Animo South Los Angeles 0

Verbum Dei 36, Gardena 12

This Week’s Schedule (all games are on Friday at 7 p.m. unless noted)

Fairfax at Birmingham

Gardena at Canoga Park

Jefferson at West Adams

Los Angeles at Jordan

Hamilton at Crenshaw

University at Banning

Manual Arts at Legacy

Marquez at Rancho Dominguez

Washington at Garfield

Westchester at North Hollywood

Blair at Hawthorne

Compton at Dominguez, 5 p.m.

Inglewood at West Torrance

Leuzinger at Bishop Montgomery

Torrance vs. Morningside at Coleman Stadium

Verbum Dei at Compton Centennial, 6 p.m.

Alemany at Narbonne

Angelou at Lynwood

Animo South Los Angeles at St. Bernard

Dorsey vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College

Serra at Carson Locke at Cathedral

Palisades vs. Santa Monica at Santa Monica College

Venice at Oaks Christian

View Park at Salesian