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Skyy Fisher will not resign


Despite protesters Monday once again calling for controversial Compton School Board member Skyy Fisher, 31, to step down from his office as a trustee of the Compton Unified School District, his spokesperson, Jasmyne Cannick, said that the elected official intends to plead not guilty at his incoming arraignment. Additionally, he does not intend to resign, because that would be “jumping the gun,” and Fisher believes he is not guilty of the accusations.

Fisher is currently scheduled to be arraigned in San Diego today, but Cannick says his legal team may ask for a change of date and venue.

Compton Mayor Aja Brown also asked Fisher to relinquish his seat until he settles his legal challenges.

“Public servants are held to a higher standard of conduct,” Brown said. “While Skyy Fisher is innocent until proven guilty, the allegations of wrongdoing Mr. Fisher faces are serious and troubling.

“A school board member must be a role model for our children. It would be difficult to describe Mr. Fisher as a role model for our children at this challenging time in his personal life. Mr. Fisher must devote his time and energy to his legal defense and personal matters. Our students and teachers deserve a school board leader who is devoting undivided attention to their educational needs.”

Board of Trustees President Micah Ali also called on Fisher to temporarily step aside.

“As president of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees, I work with a group of leaders, who are committed to the academic success of the students and families of our district. We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to dramatically improve the quality of education for our students and can point to significant success. But, we still have work to do.

“That is why I am demanding my colleague on the board, Skyy Fisher, step down as a board member while the current investigation into allegations against him are completed and resolved,” reiterated Ali.

“As education policymakers (leaders) we can not afford any distractions or lack of focus on our most important goal–our student’s success.”

Ali said he is consulting with district lawyers to determine the best course of action.

The calls for his resignation follow Fisher’s arrest on July 23 by U.S. marshals and booking at Vista Detention Center on suspicion of oral copulation of a person who was asleep or unconscious.

Fisher was arrested in Los Angeles and taken to San Diego County, booked and then released on $100,000 bail on Thursday.

Early reports described the victim as a child but according to Fisher’s spokesperson Cannick: “There is absolutely no truth to the reports or rumors that the complaining witness in the case against Mr. Skyy Fisher is a minor or child.

“The arrest warrant describes the complaining witness as a “26-year-old male” and the alleged crime as pertaining to violations of Penal Code section 288A(F)(1) P.C., oral copulation of an unconscious person.”

Cannick went on to say that Fisher has been under investigation since April, and had made numerous attempts before his arrest to find out the charges and when he could go in for questioning.

The allegations in the case stem from a trip Fisher and the complaining party took to San Diego in April.

Controversy has dogged Fisher since he was first elected to the board. In 2012, the board voted to censure the trustee because of remarks he offered on a podcast on the Pigzradio show where he made derogatory comments about Trayvon Martin, the district’s then-interim Superintendent Karen Frison, and a Compton Unified School District student and her family.

Fisher followed the censure by announcing that he would take a 60-day leave of absence from the board to devote “my attention to my health and personal well-being” including his abuse of alcohol. However, he returned a few weeks after the incident.

In November of 2013, Fisher was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. That case is still pending.