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Hollywood reactions to SCOTUS decision include marriage proposals

Hollingsworth v. Perry Plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo exit the Supreme Court hand i
Hollingsworth v. Perry Plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo exit the Supreme Court hand in hand on June 26, 2013. Reflecting the nation’s deep […]

It’s no secret that many in Hollywood support same-sex marriage, and there was plenty of social media cheering going on Wednesday after the Supreme Court decisions.

There was also a celeb engagement announcement, and a proposal.

Melissa Etheridge used the historic moment as an opportunity to announce that she plans to marry her partner, Linda Wallem.

“I look forward to exercising my American civil liberties and getting fully, completely and legally married this year to my true love of over three years, Linda Wallem,” Etheridge said in a statement. “Once again our constitution stands strong. All men, and women, and everything in between are created equal.”

Lena Dunham’s keeping her fingers crossed that she’s going to nab an invite to someone’s wedding soon. She said in a series of supportive tweets:

“First Wendy, now DOMA gets the boot! Sometimes things are really great.”

“Don’t wanna traffic in stereotypes but let’s be real: I’m gonna love a gay wedding.”

“No one be shocked if I get married and pregnant with a daughter today in a slightly premature fit of joy #americathebeautiful”

Actors and new parents Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have been engaged for more than two years, but the couple’s previously said they wouldn’t marry until their gay friends were legally allowed to. So on Wednesday, Bell popped the question — again — to Shepard.

“@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo #marriageequality #loveislove”

She wasn’t the only star who took to Twitter with comment:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

“Remember the old days when #DOMA was around and gay people couldn’t get married in California? Crazy right!?”

Michael Moore

“SupremeCourt just ruled federal government canNOT make same-sex marriage illegal. Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act voided. Huge victory.”

George Takei

“DOMA has been held unconstitutional, 5-4 decision authored by Justice Kennedy. Oh happy day!”

Andy Cohen

“I never dreamed I would see this day. The whole world has changed for us all. I can’t believe it!! #DOMA #Equality”

Ricky Martin


Ben Affleck

“Big news from the Supreme Court. Goodbye #DOMA #Prop8. Hello #equality.”

Sarah Hyland

“Proud to be an American on a day like today. #DOMA found unconstitutional. Equality and love overrule <3 … AND no standing on #prop8?? Same sex marriage is legal in california! I better be getting some wedding invites… #whatdoiwear?”

Seth Meyers

“DOMA and Prop 8 should get married.”

Adam Lambert

“Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud”

Neil Patrick Harris

“DOMA-it-just-lost-O Mr. Roboto! So, so happy for Edie, et al. … And Prop 8 was dismissed?!? Huzzah! Christmas comes six months early this year! (Less one day…)”

Lisa Respers France | CNN