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It’s National Moscato Day


“It’s a celebration, clap clap bravo, Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato…”

Those are the eloquent first lines of “Do It Now,” a song by Hip Hop artist Drake. Instead of popping bottles of Cristal, these days, rappers and Hip Hop moguls prefer their bubbles sweet.

Moscato is made from Muscat grapes, which are grown in many places around the world and can vary in color from green to red to black. As a result, there are a few different uses for Muscat grapes, and they can make a variety of different types of wines.

Muscat grapes make great table wine, but they also produce delicious, low-alcohol dessert wines because their sweetness. Muscat grapes are even great for eating; they can be dried and turned into raisins.

Perhaps all this talk about sipping moscato in clubs has done the varietal a favor — sales of muscato are skyrocketing. According to recent data, sales of moscato represent 6% of the U.S. wine market, and to keep up with demand, producers have increased volume by 33%.

You don’t have to be in a music video to appreciate a bottle of moscato. As the weather warms up, crack open a bottle of light, sweet, crisp moscato with dinner (lobster and shrimp are preferred). You’re bound to feel like a superstar.

Emily Smith | CNN