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Parents enact ‘parent trigger’ law at 24th Street Elementary School


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Parents of students at 24th Street Elementary School voted to turn management of the campus over to a partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District and Crown Preparatory Academy, the charter school company announced today.

The election was conducted after parents at the school submitted petitions under a so-called “parent trigger” law that allows them to decide who should operate a low-performing campus.

Although previous parent-trigger petitions have led to legal battles, LAUSD officials opted not to challenge the petition from 24th Street Elementary parents. As a result, an election was held for parents to choose from four options — two that would have given total control to charter school operators, one that would have left the district in charge and another that called for a partnership between LAUSD and the Crown Prep charter company.

According to Crown Prep, more than 80 percent of voting parents opted for the partnership, under which the district will operate kindergarten through fourth-grade classes, and Crown Prep operates fifth- through eighth-grads.

“This partnership is truly helping to demonstrate education’s future: making decisions that have student achievement at their center,” Crown Prep founder and executive director Laura McGowan-Robinson said. “We are putting adult agendas aside and doing the most important thing we can do, improve education for kids.”

Crown Prep has been operating a middle school at the 24th Street campus since 2010.