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Kaiser Permanente Southern California sets world record for colorectal cancer screenings


LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Kaiser Permanente Southern California set a Guinness World Record for colorectal cancer screenings completed in one day at multiple sites, 7,652.

A team of more than 300 Kaiser Permanente primary care physicians, specialists, nurses and medical staff conducted 731 colonoscopies and 44 sigmoidoscopies and collected 6,877 at-home fecal immunochemical tests during the eight-hour event intended to increase public awareness about the importance of getting regular colorectal cancer screenings.

“Kaiser Permanente is committed to reducing the number of deaths from colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Edward M. Ellison, executive medical director of the Southern California Permanente Medical Group.

“Evidence shows that screening for colorectal cancer saves lives. By encouraging our members to be screened, we’re often able to identify and remove polyps from the colon before they become malignant, greatly lowering their risk of developing colorectal cancer.”