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Hannity hushed under the crush of insults


Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel crushed Fox News host Sean Hannity on live television on election night under a withering verbal attack.

Emanuel, legendary for his sharp tongue and salty language, was on the conservative network to offer his opinion on the apparent ease in which his former boss Barack Obama defeated his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Hannity, seemingly as devastated as Romney by the defeat, used the interview opportunity show his disgust with the turn of events by firing off a rapid line of questions  at Emanuel:
“Is Barack Obama going to move to the center? Or is he going to continue his radical socialist policies that are destroying America?”
“Is he going to start paying attention to ordinary Americans? Or his he going to continue his goverment of, by, and for the welfare queens?”

“Is he going to ask the keep apologizing to our enemies? Or is he going to show some backbone and invade somebody?”

“Is he ever going to release his real birth certificate? Or is he gonna continue lying to the American people about his Kenyan heritage?”

“Sean . . . Sean . . .,” interrupted Emanuel, “Sean . . . Sean . . . Sean . . . Sean . . . Sean . . . shut the f___ up! You lost. Get over it and move on. Barack Obama is president for the next four years.”

“No amount of childish whining will change that fact. Why don’t you start working on improving yourself as a person, rather than finding fault in others.”

“At the moment you’re a terrible, cynical human being who gets rich off of other people’s ignorance.

Your entire existence is defined by intellectual stupor and purposelessness. There’s not a single cell of your body that has any redeeming value whatsoever–not even the intestinal cells which host your parasites.”

“I feel deeply sorry for your children and your children’s children, who will have to bear the stain of their relationship to you for their entire lives.”

“I am a dumber, coarser, less centered individual for even having spoken to you, and I promise I will never repeat that mistake again.”

Emanuel then removed his microphone and walked off the set.

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