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EarthFest LA helps nonprofits to fund-raise


Local nonprofit organizations looking for a way to raise money to support their activities might want to consider contacting California Greenworks Inc. about its new Community Giving Program.

“The way it works is that we will donate up to 50 tickets for our seventh annual EarthFest LA concert to organizations with a 501(c3) designation,” explained California Greenworks Inc. CEO Mike Meador. “Each ticket is valued at $20, so the nonprofit has the opportunity to make $800 in a fun and entertaining way by selling tickets to the annual jazz concert. Best of all, they retain 80 percent of the proceeds.

“If they opt to sell the VIP tickets the return can even be greater,” added the CEO.

Meador says the Community Giving Program was devised in part as a way to help local nonprofits.

“I know from experience that nonprofits are always strapped for cash and looking for successful ways to raise it. This is really a no-brainer,” he said. “The jazz concert on Sept. 15 from 2 to 6 p.m. at West Los Angeles College is one event in our annual EarthFest LA expo and festival and will feature noted Jazz artists such as Grammy Award-winning guitarist Paul Brown; contemporary Jazz musician Darren Rahn, vocalist Wendy Moten, Jazz fusion band DW3, and Motown-influenced singer/songwriter Chris,” continued Meador, adding that having such name-brand artists makes the tickets easier to sell.

The concert will take place on the lawn of the Student Services Building and the doors will open at noon.

Interested nonprofits must submit an email or letter explaining what they will do with the tickets and how the donation will benefit the group. Submit the request at

EarthFest LA 2012 is a daylong event that intends to raise the level of awareness about environmental protection, conservation and pollution prevention. The overall goal of the event is to teach the public about sustainable ways to live green and how to reduce any negative impact on our environment.
The program consists of the concert as well as a collection of free events such as demonstrations and panel discussions on how to grow and cook foods that improve your health, understanding the green economy, evaluating the impact on area residents of technology such as fracking, and how to create an energy-efficient home.

Demonstrations will begin at 11 a.m.

EarthFest LA 2012 is co-chaired by Congresswoman Karen Bass, Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell and Culver City Councilman Jeffrey Cooper.