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Hot flick pick for the holiday weekend


The holiday weekend is upon us, and for theatergoers it’s going to be super hot. Two new releases are already smashing box-office records and making history because of their R rating.
And it looks like Madea is kicking some box office butt, too.

Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” debuted to a massive $54.1 million at the domestic box office, taking the crown as being the best showing ever for an original R-rated comedy.  The other R-rated film that overperformed at the box office is “Magic Mike,” grossing $39.2 million. The Hollywood Reporter declares it’s the first time in history that two R-rated movies opened north of $20 million on the same weekend.

Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection” showed a hefty $26.4 million weekend opening.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this is Perry’s fourth-highest opening among his 13 movies.

“Madea’s Witness Protection” harkens back to the earlier films starring Madea where she was central to the plot. She’s going head to head with funnyman Eugene Levy.

Eugene Needleman (Levy) finds himself in trouble with the mob and although he’s not at fault, he and his family, which includes his mother (Doris Roberts), have to go into hiding. Initially Madea thinks it’s a bad idea to have this White family in her home until she finds out how much it pays.

Needleman hits upon a scheme where he can help make amends for his company’s wrongdoing, and Madea agrees to help but not before she devises a plan of her own.

In true Madea fashion, she’s kicking butt and taking names and the Needleman family activities and attitudes keep her in a state of frustration, and dispensing unconventional advice.

Tyler Perry has a knack for featuring stars that haven’t been on the big screen in a while. Veteran actor John Amos appears as the father (Pastor Nelson) of a wayward son Jake (Romeo Miller).

The audience’s reaction when first seeing Amos on screen was priceless. It is good to see Amos again on the silver screen.

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Here are my hot holiday picks for this 4th of July weekend:
“Madea’s Witness Protection,” very funny, nice family film as well.

“Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter” is a great action film that mixes historical facts with fantasy.

Anthony Mackie (“Hurt Locker”) stars as the boyhood friend of Abraham Lincoln. Together they fight vicious vampires that align with the Confederacy to win the Civil War. Lots of violence and gore, but if you’re a horror fan, it’s great.

“Snow White & the Huntsman.” This is one of the best retellings of the Snow White fairytale ever.  Charlize Theron (“Prometheus”) is wickedly wonderful as Revenaa the very wicked witch.

Fantastic special effects, great action, but not good for children. This is not Walt’s fairytale.

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted,” The Zoosters are on the lam again, this time they join a circus to get home, great family film, fun entertainment for children as well as adults.

“Magic Mike” OK, what can I say; it’s making big bucks for a reason.

I have not seen “Ted” or “Brave,” but judging by box-office receipts these films should be on your must-see list, too. See you at the movies.

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