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The American Cancer Society has a message for American women: Choose You


Since it launched Choose You in May 2010, the American Cancer Society has motivated more than 75,000 women to put their health at the top of their to-do lists. Choose You raises awareness about the simple actions women can take that can significantly reduce their risk of cancer, and reminds people of the sobering statistic that one in three women will get cancer in her lifetime.

The Society urges women to join the movement at to help change the odds.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than half of cancer deaths could be prevented if women make these actions part of their lifestyle:

* Maintain a healthy weight through proper diet and regular exercise
    * Avoid tobacco products
    * Get recommended cancer screening tests

Sadly, research indicates that women are so busy taking care of others that they often struggle to find the time to take care of themselves. The Choose You movement was developed to motivate women to put their health first and reduce their cancer risk.

“The Choose You movement is an opportunity to turn what we know about cancer prevention into healthy behavior change that can help reduce their risk of the disease,” said Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, director of nutrition and physical activity at the American Cancer Society. “Choose You provides a community of support from other women who are dealing with similar challenges, as well as a wealth of information and tips to encourage all women to make a commitment to a healthier life while helping to reduce their risk of cancer.”

How Does Choose You Work?
Women who visit can join the movement by making a Choose You Commitment, an online pledge, in one of five health categories: Eat Right, Get Active, Get Recommended Health Screenings, Protect Your Skin and Quit Smoking.

Under these categories, women can commit to a personal health goal. Participants are encouraged to ask family and friends to support them on their journey to wellness. For added incentive, women also can choose to make a monetary pledge when they sign a Choose You Commitment.

Visitors to have access to online support and tools, such as a calorie calculator, virtual dietitian, nutrition and activity quiz, smoking cost calculator, prevention and early detection videos, and a desktop helper with daily health tips.

Choose You Day
To engage women in the workplace, the American Cancer Society has created Choose You Day, which enables employers nationwide to encourage their associates to adopt healthy behaviors. On May 12, companies across the U.S. that will be participating in Choose You Day will encourage their associates to wear sneakers to work and get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

Participating associates will also have the opportunity to pledge $5 toward the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission.

SPRITE ZERO™ and Walgreens help American Cancer Society reach more women and fund our Mission to Prevent Cancer
For the second year in a row, national presenting sponsors, SPRITE ZERO™ and Walgreens, will each provide additional support on behalf of Choose You. Their efforts will help raise awareness among women about the importance of cancer prevention. SPRITE ZERO™ will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society (up to $450,000) for each person who registers on and shares Choose You on Facebook. In-store promotions, digital and out-of-home advertising across the country will support the campaign and feature the tagline, “The Choice Is Clear,” with information on the brand’s zero sugar and no caffeine benefits.

“The Coca-Cola Company is a proud supporter of the Choose You movement and is committed to helping consumers achieve active, healthy lifestyles as part of our Live Positively philosophy,” said Celeste Bottorff, vice president of Live Positively. “We’re honored to help women refresh their commitment to themselves by living the Choose You lifestyle.”

Throughout the month of May, Walgreens will provide in-store marketing and fundraising support, encouraging customers to support Choose You with a donation at check-out or with the purchase of any SPRITE ZERO™ product at Walgreens stores nationwide. Walgreens customers can also take steps toward improving their health by joining Walk with Walgreens–a new program that rewards customers for walking. The program is part of the company’s Way to Well Commitment to bring $100 million in preventive healthcare resources, health testing services and charitable programs to communities over the next four years.

“Walgreens is pleased to continue its support of this national effort inspiring women to boost healthy habits to the top of their to-do lists,” said Kim Feil, Walgreens vice president and chief marketing officer. “We want to remind people that there’s help in meeting health goals. Every day in thousands of communities coast to coast, our pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other health professionals offer tools and support to get well, stay well and live well. Our sponsorship of Choose You is an extension of our commitment to serve as one of the nation’s most accessible resources for preventive health information.”

SPRITE ZERO™ and Walgreens will also make a 40 cent donation to the American Cancer Society for every package of SPRITE ZERO™ purchased at Walgreens stores nationwide during May (up to $100,000).

For more information, or to join the Choose You movement, visit