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Welcome to the Melted POT


Welcome to “The Melted POT,” an original comic strip published through Exodus Publishing Ltd., created and Illustrated by A.M. Frasier and written by Emmanuel Rumph.

The comic is a skewed reflection of melting pot USA. The colorful residents of the strip bring satirical humor to social, cultural, and real life events that occur in today’s society. The cast is smart, witty, funny, crass, charming and very honest about how they live.

“The Melted POT” is a different type of strip. It’s different, because although there are week-to-week gag strips, the POT also has a story that evolves over time. The characters will develop as will their situations.

“The Melted POT” can be said to be one-part comic strip and one-part comic book. However, at any point you, as the reader, will be able to fall into the POT and have fun with the characters and the events that transpire. You will be able to follow “The Melted POT” here and online at and

Become a part of “The Melted POT” community, and see the stories and meet the people who inspire the strip at